What Site is About

The websites that I have links to are sites that I like.
There are no criteria, like when some sites list the best sites.
Since they are sites that I like,
subject matter that I have no interest in is not included.
For instance,
you will find no shopping sites, no chat rooms, and no communities.
I have checked each site before including it,
but the way sites change, I'm not always up-to-date with the link.
You won't find hundreds of links here,
but hopefully you will find some new ones that you will enjoy.
Mainly, this is just a way to start building a website for the fun.

Who I Am

Thought I might let you know who I am, a little.
Since pictures are worth a 1000 words, we'll start with my photo.

I am actually a software engineer,
for almost 40 years,
but I don't work on websites nor even PCs.
My area of expertise is in communication systems,
like ISDN and frame relay.
You can get an idea by visiting My Work